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Transaction Coordinators

5 Signs You Need To Hire A Transaction Coordinator

Hiring a transaction coordinator allows you to be less stressed, have more free time, increase your revenue, and thoroughly enjoy going to work everyday.

When contemplating if you want to spend the extra money to hire a transaction coordinator, consider a few signs that you may desperately need one. Transaction coordinator services can make all the difference in your business. Allowing you to be less stressed, have more free time, increase your revenue, and thoroughly enjoy going to work everyday. When you hire a transaction coordinator they are devoted to handling all the mundane contract to close paperwork that only gives you headaches anyway. So, continue reading and if any of these clear signs sound like you, it may be time to invest in a transaction coordinator today. 

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1. You Need a Trusted Ally On Your Side

In the real estate industry it is always best to have a partner, or ally, you can rely on. Someone you can count on during the times you really need it. Having a person like this as apart of your team will completely change the way you do business for the better. Hiring a transaction coordinator guarantees you have a trusted partner on your side who will always deliver. You will be less stressed, happier doing more of the face to face client work you love, and quickly be able to increase the amount of clients you are able to care for at once. 

2. You Can’t Remember the Last Time You Took a Vacation

You work very hard as a real estate agent. Constantly finding leads on new clients, building your marketing plan, staying active on social media, and filling out endless paperwork easily becomes exhausting. Not to mention you still need time to actually having substantial face to face interactions with your clients. All of these responsibilities can quickly become overwhelming and tiring. You deserve a break at least once a year. Doesn’t taking a vacation to a nice, sunny, relaxing beach sound pretty close to perfect? Well a transaction coordinator manages all your paperwork, allowing you to focus on revenue generating tasks. Therefore you will be able to concentrate on increasing your revenue while also saving time on paperwork tasks. When you use a transaction coordinator, a yearly vacation that may have once sounded like a pipe dream, can become a reality. 

3. If You Have Ever Forgot the Time of an Inspection 

Forgetting an appointment, or inspection, is embarrassing and can make you look unprofessional. While it is true that people are forgetful and things are bound to slip your mind here and there, it is best to have as few of those instances as possible when you’re working. Securing the trusted help of a transaction coordinator ensures a forgotten inspection will never happen again. They will have your inspection and appointment paperwork, dates, deadlines, and start times perfectly organized. Therefore allowing you to be on top of everything, and always present your best foot forward with clients.

4. If Your Commission Check Has Ever Been Delayed After Closing

As you already know, it takes about thirty days to close a real estate deal. After thirty days of putting in hard work the last thing you want is your commission check to be delayed due to compliance issues. Getting signatures from clients and other agents after a deal has closed can easily and quickly become a nightmare. Thankfully having a transaction coordinator on your team ensures that your file is always compliant before closing. You will never have to wait around, or chase down anyone for a signature ever again with the virtual assistance of a transaction coordinator.

5. If You Don’t Have an Outstanding Closing System 

As a new real estate agent, or even an experienced one, it can be difficult to create a bulletproof closing system that is easy, and efficient for every case. This is where a transaction coordinator can step in and be exponentially helpful. Transaction coordinators are vastly experienced in organizing efficient closing systems. Thus allowing for you and your clients to have a seamless real estate experience. Excessive unnecessary paperwork stress at the end of a deal can be more harmful to you and your clients than you originally anticipated. Therefore make sure your closing system is always perfect and completely handled when enlisting the help of a transaction coordinator. 

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Finding the Reliable Help You Need

Hiring a transaction coordinator can undoubtedly become the best business decision you ever make. Truly evaluate if the services of one could positively impact your day to day business operation. As well as the long term goals you have for yourself as an agent. You will find that there is far more than one benefit to the use of a transaction coordinator by simply giving one a try.

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