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Transaction Coordinators

Announcing our new Partnership with Realty ONE Group!

In this blog post, we here at Transactly will be announcing our partnership with one of the biggest brokerages in the country, RealtyONE group!

We here at Transactly are super proud to announce that we've partnered up with one of the biggest brokerages in the country, RealtyONE group!


If you are not already familiar with them, Realty ONE Group is a real estate brokerage firm founded in 2005 by Kuba Jewgieniew. The company is headquartered in Irvine, California, and has over 300 offices across the United States, Canada, and Europe. Realty ONE Group prides itself on being a modern and dynamic company that embraces technology and innovation to provide its clients with exceptional service.

The company has a unique business model that empowers its real estate agents with the tools, technology, and support they need to succeed. Realty ONE Group offers its agents 100% commission, a culture of sharing and collaboration, and a suite of cutting-edge tools and services to help them grow their businesses.

The Realty ONE Group is also known for its distinctive branding and marketing, which includes its signature gold and black and bold, modern design. The company's brand message is "coolture," a term that represents its unique blend of cool, modern style and a culture of caring and collaboration.

In addition to its real estate brokerage services, Realty ONE Group also offers franchise opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to start their own real estate business. The company's franchise program provides training, support, and access to its proprietary technology and marketing tools to help franchisees build successful businesses.

To learn more about them, you can visit their website at www.RealtyONEGroup.com !

Well, what does our partnership provide?

As with any partnership with us here at Transactly, we, along with the Realty ONE Group, are providing our transaction coordination services for agents who are in need of such services.

Transaction coordinators are individuals who work in real estate to help manage and coordinate the various administrative tasks and processes involved in a real estate transaction. They serve as a liaison between the real estate agents, clients, and other parties involved in the transaction, helping to ensure that the process runs smoothly and efficiently.

Some of the key responsibilities of transaction coordinators in real estate include:

  1. Managing paperwork and documentation: Transaction coordinators are responsible for collecting and organizing all of the necessary paperwork and documentation for a real estate transaction, including purchase agreements, disclosure forms, and loan documents.

  2. Coordinating with other parties: Transaction coordinators work closely with other parties involved in the transaction, such as lenders, title companies, and home inspectors, to ensure that everyone is on the same page and that deadlines are met.

  3. Communicating with clients: Transaction coordinators often act as the main point of contact for clients throughout the transaction process, keeping them informed about the status of the transaction and answering any questions they may have.

  4. Monitoring deadlines: Real estate transactions involve numerous deadlines, such as inspection periods and financing contingencies. Transaction coordinators are responsible for tracking these deadlines and ensuring that all parties meet them.

  5. Facilitating closing: Finally, transaction coordinators help facilitate the closing of a real estate transaction, ensuring that all necessary documents are signed and all funds are disbursed appropriately.


With that being said, Realty One is offering yet another tech-enabled solution to their agents - Transactly has become Realty One's premier U.S. transaction coordination provider. Agents will be provided with top-tier transaction coordinators, who are experienced in the market, and trained to work as efficiently as possible on Transactly’s platform. All Realty One's agents will have the option to utilize Transactly service to ensure every transaction is compliant, and smoothly arrives at closing.

Through our partnership with Realty One, agents can save money by availing of our transaction coordination services!

“Transactly is designed to simplify and streamline real estate transactions. Our proprietary technology helps those we serve - and our Transactly Coordinators - to be more efficient and out-perform industry standards, and we are excited to begin working with Realty ONE agents on reaching that goal as well.” - Transactly CEO, Bryan Bowles

We hope you guys are as excited about this partnership as we are! We here at Transactly will continue to strive to build partnerships to provide you guys with the premier transaction coordination services in the real estate space.

Thank you guys so much for taking the time to read this blog post - we truly appreciate it! We hope everyone can check out our new partnership with the Realty ONE Group.  For all the latest real estate news, keep your tabs posted on our socials: we get new blog posts up every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday!

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