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Selling a House

Finding Rental Furniture for Staging

Using rental furniture for staging your home can make your home sell faster and for a higher price. Take advantage of this opportunity.

When selling a home, you want to catch people’s attention. You want to stand out so every potential buyer remembers your home. You want them to envision themselves living in your home for years to come. Creating these experiences for potential buyers makes a home sell faster and many times for a higher price. The most effective way to create these experiences is to use furniture rentals for staging your home. If you have moved out of your home before it has sold, and taken all of your furniture with you, it is highly recommended to invest in furniture rentals.

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Why Staging is Important 

When potential buyers are walking through your home, they want to be able to imagine themselves living there. If they are walking through empty, uninviting rooms it can be difficult for buyers to see a future for themselves in your home. Staging furniture allows for buyers to see what living in your home could look like. Being able to actually see that two couches fit perfectly in the living room, and a large table looks beautiful in the dining room, will make buyers remember your home. 

It is much easier to remember a nicely decorated home than an empty one. Staging furniture is meant to make a lasting  impression, and persuade buyers that your house is the one they have been looking for. 

How to Find a Rental Furniture Company 

Just like when looking for anything else, Google is always a good place to start when looking for a furniture rental company. Google “furniture rental for staging near me” and you should be presented with numerous viable options. You will be shown several different chain options as well as local options. Now it is time to start weeding those options out though.  Visit their websites and get a better idea of what each company has to offer you.

Once you have read reviews and narrowed your options down to a few select businesses, it is time to start making some calls. Talking with a representative directly will get some vital questions answered quickly. Questions you should be sure to ask include:

Is delivery and pickup included in the cost?

How long is the rental period? How much does it cost to have it extended? In what time increments can the rental period be extended?

Is it possible to pick out pieces individually?

Is there an extra charge for moving furniture up and down stairs?

Where do you source your furniture?

The answers to these questions will give you a good idea of what the experience renting from each company would be like. You should have an idea of the price you will pay, what delivery and pick up the furniture would entail, and how flexible they are with rental periods. Once you have reviewed all of this information it is time to make a decision on which company to use, and start selecting furniture. 

Choosing the Right Furniture 

Rental furniture for staging purposes can make all the difference. While that is true, you want to keep in mind that you are not decorating your home for you when selecting your rental furniture. There are a few guidelines you want to make sure you follow when selecting rental furniture so it has the intended result.

Keep it neutral.

The purpose of staging furniture is to show the function of the room. Not to highlight or show off the furniture and accessories in the room. You do not want the furniture to distract from what the potential buyers are actually there to see. The structure of your home. Therefore, it is best that all your rental furniture be basic and neutral in coloring. This ensures that buyers are still able to visualize themselves living in your home, while not being distracted by odd or colorful furniture.

Maintain style.

In order to highlight your home further, you will want the furniture to match the structure and build of your home. Whether that be modern, rustic, or contemporary, rental furniture companies will have it all. Many furniture rental companies will even already have packages created for each style of furniture. This makes life much easier for you. Simply select a package and then decorate your room.

Less is more in the bedrooms.

Bedrooms are extremely personal areas, and people enjoy making those places reflect them. Therefore, people do not want to see an abundance of furniture or personal touches in the bedrooms. It makes it harder for them to see themselves living there if it looks like someone else is already living there. The master bedroom is truly the only bedroom that needs staging furniture, and it does not need to have all the furniture that would be needed to live there.

Call attention to outside gathering spaces.

The backyard, or any outdoor living space, is often forgotten or neglected. This could be your biggest mistake. Outdoor gathering spaces can sell a home. Many people are drawn to a nice space outside to relax and be with their family. Using rental patio/outdoor furniture will show potential buyers that you have an outdoor space that can easily be converted to a social space.

Considering Hiring a Pro?

Hiring a pro has its pros and cons, just like doing the furniture staging yourself has its pros and cons. Hiring a pro is often very expensive, but you will end up with a beautifully staged home that is sure to attract attention. Most agents will recommend using a home staging pro if you are selling a high end home. If you are selling an average home around $200,000, you should be perfectly fine with doing the staging yourself. 

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Presenting Your Home in the Best Way 

When you use rental furniture for staging, you instantly set your home apart. If you use staging furniture effectively, potential buyers will walk in and immediately take notice. Your home will feel warm and inviting but not too personal. Buyers will be able to easily envision themselves living in your home. Opening the doors for a quick sale that is hopefully for a higher price than you may have anticipated. Staging furniture can honestly make all the difference, and any experienced agent will tell you the same.

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