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Transaction Coordinators

How to Know When it is Time to Hire Help

Knowing when to hire help can be difficult. If you can answer “yes” to any of these questions, it's time to hire a real estate assistant.

The truth of the matter is, eventually you will need to invest in help if you wish to sustain the growth and expansion of your real estate business. Your business will reach a point where you can no longer do it all alone; and if you try to, you will definitely end up struggling. Knowing exactly where that tipping point is can be difficult. Oftentimes agents realize they needed help long after they should have hired some assistance.

If you answer “yes” to any of the following questions, it is undoubtedly time for you to hire a real estate assistant.

Feeling overwhelmed by piles of paperwork?

Not anymore. Transactly Coordinators handle 90% of closing tasks.

Are There Not Enough Hours in the Day?

Feeling overwhelmed with your workload is something many real estate agents experience. You are responsible for marketing, lead generation, client interaction, administrative tasks, and more. Eventually it can seem like accomplishing all the necessary tasks for each of your clients is completely impossible. Like there are simply not enough hours in the day to complete your workload. If this feeling is beginning to be your new normal, it is definitely time to hire help.

When hiring help it is okay to start small. Hire a part-time virtual real estate assistant that can handle your schedule, email, and some social media scheduling. Just taking a few things off your plate will feel like a huge relief. 

Is the Quality of Your Work Slipping?

You may feel that as a real estate agent you must be a Jack, or Jill, of all trades. In reality though, that is not going to be the most beneficial strategy for your business. It is a better approach to focus on the aspects of your job you love and truly shine at such as customer service; and hire someone to complete the tasks you don’t like to put attention on, such as your paperwork. Of course you still want to be a well-rounded agent, but specializing in order to improve your service is never a bad idea. The quality of your work is the backbone of your business’s reputation. Therefore you should ensure the quality of your work is always the best you can offer, even if you’re hiring someone to help you attain that.

Is Your Time Being Wasted?

Your time is valuable and you need to treat it as such. Your time should be spent completing revenue generating tasks, and focusing on the growth of your business. If you feel like too much of your time is taken up doing mundane paperwork and administrative tasks then a change needs to be made. You are easily able to hire out these tasks to real estate assistants, and it will be more cost effective than you completing them yourself. 

For example, a transaction coordinator completes all of the paperwork tasks associated with your transaction. Ultimately giving you back up to 16 hours of your time with every transaction they assist on. The TC’s fees can even be easily passed on to your client, thus ensuring the necessity is taken care of right off the bat. This fee doesn’t have to be too hefty either if you go through the right contractor company. So, invest in the services of a TC today, and take control of your time. 

Are You Losing Your Passion?

Do you remember the fire, drive, and excitement you felt when you first got your license and began your journey in the real estate industry? Regaining that passion is vital to your success. It is important to understand that you have grown and changed over the years. Resulting in the source of your passion to have changed too. In the beginning, the late nights, tedious paperwork, and endless phone calls may not have bothered you because you were experiencing your business growing for the first time, and simply just enjoying it. Now, those tasks probably don’t spark a fire in you anymore. So, hire a real estate assistant to complete the tasks that don’t bring joy to you, and spend your time doing the work with clients that you love. 

The importance of loving what you do everyday should never be overlooked.

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Is Your Business Staying Stagnant? 

If you feel like you are spending all your time just trying to keep everything afloat, it’s time to call in reinforcements. If you ever want to reach the goals you have for your business you need to make its continuous growth a priority. Therefore investing in the help you need to make that growth happen is essential to the success of business. 

A transaction coordinator can quickly become your perfect real estate partner. They are solely a support system for you, and take care of many tasks that you probably don’t have a lot of interest in. You can’t lose when you hire a TC. Especially when you go through a contractor company, like Transactly, because you are held to no long-term commitment when hiring one.

Don’t hesitate to try out the cost-effective services of a TC. You won’t soon regret it.

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