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Transaction Coordinators

How to Write an Amazing Transaction Coordinator Resume

Our best advice is to ensure every sentence you write in your transaction coordinator resume is benefiting you in some way.

Your resume is the first impression you give any potential employer. Understandably, you want it to be as perfect as possible. It can be difficult to stand out in a sea of transaction coordinator resumes though. The key is to capture your value in a single page. Easily said.

Our best advice is to ensure every sentence in your resume is contributing to the realization that you are the best person for the job.

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Contact Information and Personal Statement

Any good resume starts off with easily seen and accessible contact information. Your name, address, phone number, and email address are obviously necessary, but now so are you social media accounts. Chances are your potential employer will ask for your handles anyway, so you might as well offer them from the start.

Including a section for your social media also gives you a chance to highlight your LinkedIn profile and recommendations. Remember, agents work off referrals and have great respect for them. A recommendation from another agent or brokerage is like a referral for your service. Encourage employers to investigate and find out more about you professionally. Keep your LinkedIn profile up to date and impressive. Make sure you’ve put the time into that before you feature it.

Personal statements are not necessary for a majority or resumes. Some reviewers may even bypass them entirely, but if you have the room it can never hurt to include a few sentences that showcase you more personally. You’ll want to answer these questions if you decide to include a statement:

  • Why should they hire you, as opposed to anyone else with your qualifications?
  • What very specific skills or experience make you perfect for the position?
  • How does the position fit into your career goals?

Example: I am a master of the real-estate transaction process. I am incredibly task oriented, and I never miss a deadline or important detail. I have experience supporting five agents and managing upwards of 30 transactions simultaneously.


This section does not need to be long, but it is important. You’ll want to be sure to include:

  • Level of degree
  • Any work-related educational certificates
  • Name of school
  • GPA, if it is noteworthy

If you graduated in the past 5 years it is a good idea to include your education in-line or above your work experience section. When you get past 5 years since your graduation date, experience becomes more important. Therefore at that point your education section should be moved to after your work experience section. If you have not graduated yet, but are pursuing a degree, include the expected graduation date. 

Feature Relevant Experience and Skills

Start by referring to the job description when determining which skills to include in your resume. Of course you only want to include the skills you actually have, but referring to the job description can help you tailor and present your skills to catch the attention of the resume reviewer. Skills involving real estate and escrow are the most common key terms employers will be looking for in a transaction coordinator resume, but don’t under estimate the power of important organization and deadline related skills and experience.  

You’ll want to include between 6-12 relevant abilities, and feature the most impressive ones. Some additional skills that are often looked for in transaction coordinator resumes include work with lenders, loan portfolios, title companies, and the MLS.

When writing about your experience, you’ll want to consider a few factors. 

  • Relevance to the specific job you are applying for.
  • Remove any experience outside of the past 10 years. 
  • Try to include numbers showing how great you did. 

Below is an example of well-written points to be included in the work history section of a resume:

Transaction Coordinator for Leading Real Estate Team
  • Supported 2-6 agents
  • Managed up to 35 transactions at a time
  • Worked with escrow officers, applicants, and realtors to ensure the loan application was completed.
  • Proactively drove transactions to closing by meeting documentation and process requirements.
  • Influenced others to meet deadlines while effectively maintaining relationships between clients, realtors, and additional parties.
  • Helped lenders and realtors efficiently navigate the closing process.
  • Managed follow-up with all clients. 

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As you can see each bullet point serves the dual purpose of describing work experience, and highlighting necessary skills for the job. Ultimately you want to make sure every part of your resume is highlighting how great you are for the position. Remember though, you only have one page to do that. So, it is crucial that everything you decide to include on your resume is working to your advantage. 

After you perfect your resume, put it to the test! Transactly is always looking for great transaction coordinators to add to our nationwide team. Transactly allows you to work completely remote, provides you access to our proprietary real estate transaction platform; which includes templates, automation and more useful tools; and finds your clients for you so you just have to focus on managing transactions. What’s not to love? Apply today to join our team!

Agents, if you’ve made it this far, you now know what to look for in a top transaction coordinator resume. But why do the work yourself if you don’t have to? Let us do all the vetting! Sign up with Transactly and get access to our real estate transaction management platform to streamline your deals – for free – and throw in a transaction coordinator to do the heavy lifting. #CloseMoreDeals

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