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Join Our Upcoming Webinar: 3 Essential Digital Services To Create More Value For Your Real Estate Clients

Come join our webinar! Hear from our panel of experts as they showcase their innovative solutions that have revolutionized the industry. Hope to see you on May 23 at 12pm CST!

Are you looking for a fun, educational, and insightful webinar showcasing new and innovative solutions in the real estate industry today?


Well, look no further - Transactly has got you covered!

The real estate industry, as we know, is an industry that thrives on innovation: much so like other industries. In the digital age, we are seeing new platforms rise left and right, making numerous business processes more efficient, accessible, and easier in the most creative ways! As our way of showcasing these new platforms, Transactly has invited a panel of experts to share their innovative solutions that have revolutionized the industry, to be discussed in our latest Webinar - "3 Essential Digital Services To Create More Value For Your Real Estate Clients"!

Through our latest webinar, you will be learning about 3 digital platforms that will, you guessed it, create more value for all of your real estate clients. The 3 platforms will be Earnest, Goosehead Insurance, and Transactly's very own partner company, Connect!

We will provide a detailed explanation as to what each platform does best throughout the webinar.  Whether you're an agent, broker, mortgage lender, or just interested in real estate, this webinar is a must-attend for anyone looking to stay ahead of the curve!

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With that being said, here's a quick introduction for each platform that will be discussed at our webinar!



Earnnest is a secure, convenient digital payment platform that allows for a fully digital transfer of funds in real estate transactions. They've established themselves as the largest digital earnest money service in the U.S., and now expanding their services to include all real estate payments.

They provide a seamless way to transfer funds during real estate transactions.

Read more about them here: https://earnnest.com/

Goosehead Insurance


Goosehead Insurance is a rapidly expanding independent agency that is revolutionizing the distribution of personal lines insurance products and services across the United States. With a strong focus on consumer-centricity and a commitment to providing exceptional value, Goosehead offers a wide range of product choices and a world-class service experience. Representing over 140 insurance companies, Goosehead caters to personal lines and small commercial lines risks, operating through nine corporate sales offices and an extensive network of over 1,400 operating and contracted franchises.

They are a digital platform that simplifies the insurance buying process for homebuyers and agents.

Read more about them here: https://ir.gooseheadinsurance.com/



Connect, which is our partner company, is a home services concierge!

A home services concierge is a specialist who assists clients in navigating the complicated real estate market by organizing a range of home services, from cleaning and moving services to home inspections and appraisals. They act as a one-stop shop for all of a client's housing-related requirements, offering individualized and thorough support throughout the purchasing or selling process.

Through Connect's online service, we find the top rated utilities and home services for buyers and renters home needs, before, during and after their move.

Read more about us here: https://connectservices.com/

In conclusion, the upcoming webinar hosted by us here at Transactly promises to be an informative and insightful event for anyone looking to learn about digital services that provide immense value for your clients. With our panel's vast knowledge and expertise, they will be sure to provide valuable insights that will help agents and brokers discover these essential digital services. The webinar is a must-attend event for anyone looking to excel in the ever-changing world of real estate.


So, what are you waiting for? Come and join us next week We'd like to ask you to join us for an overview of the 3 Essential Digital Services To Create More Value For Your Real Estate Clients!


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