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5 Keys to Social Media Marketing for Real Estate Agents

It's 2019 and time you use social media to your advantage. Transactly will show you the best tips for using social media marketing for real estate agents..

So you’ve figured out how to Tweet, Gram, and Facebook,  you narrowed it down to the best three head shots to use, and you’re ready to take the online world by storm.  However, it’s busy season, and what you lack is time and experience, so how will you know what to do to get the most out of it?  We’re here to help with the top ways you can step up your social media marketing for real estate agents. 

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1. Update ALL those profiles

The number one goal is to obtain quality business, so there are a number of things that lend to this in the online world.  Keep every single profile updated with your latest contact information, brokerage, branding, and photo. If the Debbie Johnson, Realtor on Facebook looks like a glamour shot from the 1980s,  I’m likely to follow someone else for the most up to date news on buying and selling in 2019. The same goes for an outdated phone number. The worst case scenario is that they can’t figure out how to contact you after coming across your profile.  Make sure all your social media marketing doesn’t go to waste and double check that your contact information is readily available on every platform.

2. Solicit (and post) reviews

Do you have clients that loved working with you?  I hope you said yes. It’s time to put those happy clients to work for you.  Solicit and post their reviews on your social media accounts. So many buyers and sellers have said they are more likely to choose a Realtor that has happy reviews from real clients. Give them reviews to look through so that they can be confident they are choosing the right person for the job.

3. Join online communities

There are millions of potential clients out there waiting to be found.  There is no better way than using different online communities to find them.  It doesn’t have to be on Facebook, but why not, since 200 million people are part of meaningful FB groups.  Find community groups,  neighborhood groups, and real estate advice groups.  If you can’t find them, start one, and invite people you know and then have them invite their friends. The idea is to get in front of (virtually) like-minded people.

4. Experiment with video

You are already thinking about what content you have to put out there,  whether it be on traditional social media accounts or on your new blog, but have you ever thought about making some of that content into video?  It might sound daunting, but wouldn’t you rather watch and hear someone talking to you about something than just read what they wrote? Chances are, so would a lot of your potential clients.  Start doing some open houses on Facebook live or post the highlights of staging day on Instagram. So many buyers and sellers want to know exactly what a real estate agent will do for them during their transaction, so show them by putting up some videos of some of the most searched topics.

5. Spend some cash on ads

Once you’ve gotten a feel for the type of  content you want to produce and feel comfortable with your accounts, don’t hesitate to throw out some paid ads to target potential clients.  It’s fairly cheap to buy ads on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. The targeting also allows you to be super specific on the types of clients you’re trying to entice.  There are a lot of options, but an equally great amount of resources to help you set these up. Mostly you need a video or image, and a message. This could provide you with a steady stream of qualified leads to supplement what you’re already doing at a low cost.

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It All Starts With a Plan

Mastering the art of social media marketing for real estate agents isn’t going to happen over night.  Coming up with a plan of attack to execute over the upcoming months is going to be a key to success.  Enlist friends and family to help with content and ideas and use a little extra time every day to accomplish a few things at a time.

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