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Top 10 Real Estate Blogs for 2019

Here are this year's top real estate blogs for homebuyers, homeowners, and real estate agents. Packed with insights on today's new trends.

Top 10 Real Estate Blogs to Follow in 2019

There are so many real estate blogs out there, we thought it would be a good to consolidate the few worth following this year.  Here are the blogs we found to be the most insightful – and, there’s something for everyone.

Whether you’re a real estate agent, homebuyer, homeowner, or a real estate investor, here are some of the best real estate blogs online.  We’re sure you’ll find something worth reading to help you stay up-to-date on industry trends, and learn a few new tricks.

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1. Notorious R.O.B.

Audience: Real estate agents, real estate futurists

This blog can be advanced for the average consumer, and even some of the more seasoned real estate agents.  It is thought provoking, and challenges the real estate industry’s status quo.  It’s at the top of our list for a reason.

2. Invest Four More

Audience: Real estate investors

Real-world examples always resonate.   This blog is filled with the author’s straightforward advice from lessons he’s learned the hard way in his experiences.  Whether you’re a new investor, or a seasoned investor, you’ll find something useful.

3. Forbes Real Estate

Audience: Homebuyers, homeowners, and real estate agents

Cultivating content from real estate professionals around the globe, Forbes has created one of the most followed real estate news outlets for consumers and real estate professionals.

4. RETipster

Audience: Real estate investors

This practical approach guide to real estate investing helps nudge anyone who’s interested.  Whether you have ambitions to side hustle or for a full-time gig, it’s packed with tips on how to get started and build real passive income.

5. The Close

Audience: Real estate agents

Filled with great advice and information for real estate agents, teams, and brokers.  This blog provides new ideas for marketing, lead generation, and strategies.  It also reviews new technology and systems available to the industry.

6. Inman

Audience: Real estate agents

Inman is the go to source for any agent interested in new technology and trends in the real estate industry.  They’ve cultivated one of the largest audiences in the industry through consistent quality content, and its annual Inman Connect conventions.

7. Zillow Porchlight

Audience: Homebuyers, and homeowners

Pointing out the obvious with this blog.  Its consumer-facing content helps homebuyers and owners stay relevant on what’s hot in today’s market, and helpful tips when preparing to rent, buy, or sell a home.

8. BiggerPockets

Audience: Real estate investors

This is the O.G. of real estate investing blogs.  It’s packed with helpful information for at experience level, and is just a small fraction of what BiggerPockets does – it maintains the largest online community of real estate investors.

9. Keeping Current Matters

Audience: Homebuyers, and homeowners

With wide-ranging topics from how to select a home loan, to handling multiple offers and negotiations, this well-rounded blog is sure to have something for any homebuyer or seller in the market today.

10. Geek Estate Blog

Audience: Real estate agents

Geek Estate is packed with insights on technology trends in the real estate industry.  With articles from some of the industry’s most well-known names, it helps guide real estate agents through the myriad of tools out there.

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Okay… One more.  Your’s truly:  Transactly

Audience: Homebuyers, and homeowners, real estate agents

Transactly’s mission is demystify the process of buying and selling homes, and provides homebuyers and sellers with tips and advice on everything from how to interview a real estate agents to negotiating closing cost credits.

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