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Top 5 Real Estate Apps For Agents

Real estate apps for agents can completely change the way you do business for the better. Make sure you are utilizing them to your fullest advantage.

The real estate apps for agents that have become available in the past few years have the potential to completely change the way you do business for the better. When utilizing these apps to their fullest advantage you will find that both you and your clients will have a more positive real estate experience. So make sure you are in the know with all the new technology that can help you to be the most successful agent you have the potential to be. 

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1. Transactly 

Transactly offers the use of their simple, consumer-friendly platform for free. Agents are able to upload their transactions, and then give everyone involved in the transaction access to it, in order to make the process of buying or selling a house as transparent as possible. Any appointments, such as inspections, or paperwork deadlines can all be found in one central location when using Transactly. This set-up allows for easy collaboration with other professionals involved in your sale on to-do lists and other various tasks. In addition to the free software Transactly offers, the company also offers paid transaction coordinator services. The transaction coordinators partnered with Transactly are highly experienced and ensure you will have a stress-free paperwork experience. 

  • Allows for easy collaboration and communication 
  • Excellent transaction coordinator services 
  • Amazing customer support 
  • Software is free to use 
  • Stores preferred vendors, logins and connections
  • No existing mobile app
  • No currently existing e-signature options 

2. Buffer

If you are a busy team leader, or solo agent Buffer is a great platform to manage your social media accounts from. The platform allows you to schedule posts to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and Pinterest weeks in advance. This app allows you to stay on top of your social media accounts without having to have a daily reminder set to make a post. If you are not regularly posting to your pages then a change needs to be made because you should be, and investing in this app could help you to accomplish that goal. The software is $15 a month to use, but you do have the option of having a free trial if you want to test the platform out first. 

  • Can schedule posts week in advance 
  • Cost effective 
  • Integrates well with all major social media platforms 
  • App has tendency to load slowly at times  
  • Sometimes have to reauthorize use of Twitter and Facebook 

3. BombBomb

BombBomb is a real estate app for agents that lets you shoot, edit, and send videos to clients as texts or emails. This application is an amazing marketing tool that allows you to cultivate a more personal connection with your clients. Sending videos is a more fun and interactive way to communicate with your clients or team members that will have lasting impressions on them. You could send a video about some of your best new listings in the area, some fun facts about you, or a quick meet the team video. The possibilities are truly endless. This is a marketing and customer relations strategy that is being used by top agents across the country, so it is definitely worth looking into how you can get started today. 

  • You are able to easily utilize an innovative marketing strategy 
  • Pairs seamlessly with Google, YouTube, Contractually and more 
  • Plans can get expensive starting at $49/month, but you are offered a 2 week free trial

4. Contractually 

Contractually was designed to optimize CRM. The app syncs your phone, email, and other communication channels all to one place. Thus making sure that you never miss a notification from any individual channel. The platform makes it simple to constantly stay in contact with clients and check in with cold leads. The app utilizes drip campaigns, so all you have to do is put your clients into “buckets” and the app will send the marketing material you want to each bucket. The app can get a bit pricey if you are on a real estate team or are apart of a large brokerage though. To use the software it costs $59 per month per person, but there is a discount available for yearly subscriptions.

  • App reminds you to check in with contacts who haven’t received material in a while
  • Lots of free webinars on how to use the app and improve business 
  • Can quickly become expensive 
  • Only social integrations are Twitter and Linkedin 

5. Propertybase 

Propertybase is a platform that is great for real estate teams. The platform offers tools in customer relationship management, IDX websites, and back office management. Their well equipped CRM manages properties, contracts, and opportunities for any size real estate team or brokerage. In the back office module there are options to utilize paperless closings, secure transactions and a brokerage intranet. There have been reviews saying the platform can become complex if you do not have experience using advanced technology, but Propertybase has a great customer support system in place.

  • One stop shop for many real estate needs 
  • Perfect for real estate teams 
  • Can be paired with other applications such as BombBomb, Dotloop, and more  
  • Not suitable for agents working alone 
  • Learning to use the platform can be difficult 

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Using Technology to Your Advantage 

Advancements in real estate apps for agents are enormous, and have completely changed the game for agents. You can now be more efficient, and responsive when utilizing even a few of these amazing platforms. These apps make sure you are always staying competitive and presenting your best foot forward with clients.

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