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Transactly Raises a Bridge Round, adding Second Century Ventures and other Strategic Investors

Transactly has raised nearly $3M in bridge funding, bringing in strategic investors in preparation for raising Series A round of capital by Q3 2021.

Transactly, a real estate technology platform based in St. Louis, MO, with users and clients across the US, has raised nearly $3M in bridge funding, bringing in strategic investors in preparation for raising Series A round of capital by Q3 2021.

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Transactly’s founder and CEO, Bryan Bowles commented on the recent funding, “We grew revenue by 700% from 2019 to 2020.  We’re on track, and expect to have the same amount of growth again in 2021. This is much needed capital to support the kind of growth we’re experiencing here at Transactly.”  

In March of 2020, Transactly raised $3M in equity financing from Hermann Co., a prominent St. Louis family office with ties to the Midwest venture capital and startup community.  Hermann Co. has filled a large portion of this bridge round.

Other notable and strategic investors include Second Century Ventures and Ferry Ventures.

Second Century Ventures is the venture capital arm of the National Association of Realtors® and has funded numerous successful prop tech companies, as well as others that have spanned outside of real estate, such as DocuSign.  Transactly was accepted into Second Century Ventures’ coveted REACH program in May of 2020.  This is the second investment the venture capital firm has made in Transactly.

Ferry Ventures is the venture fund owned by Tom Ferry, who has a significant following within the real estate industry, and coaches some of the highest producing real estate agents and teams in the US.  Ferry Ventures has made notable investments in and outside of the industry, such as Remine and Slack.

“We are obsessed with delivering an exceptional experience to the many real estate professionals, their clients, and the greater community, who place their trust in Transactly.  And these are the kind of people we want in our corner to help us deliver that experience,” said Bowles, commenting on the new investors in Transactly. 

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Bowles declined to give Transactly’s sales figures, but touted Transactly has grown at a pace greater than 25% month over month, on average, over the last 12 months.  Transactly provides technology and tech-enabled transaction coordinator services to real estate agents, investors, teams, and brokerages across the US.

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