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Transaction Coordinators

What Does a Transactly Coordinator Do?

What Do Transactly Coordinators Do? Make Your Life Easier Life as a Real Estate agent can be quite hectic and stressful. Complicated paperwork can easily pile up and take a large amount of time away that would otherwise be used...

What Do Transactly Coordinators Do?

Make Your Life Easier 

Life as a Real Estate agent can be quite hectic and stressful. Complicated paperwork can easily pile up and take a large amount of time away that would otherwise be used to sell, close deals and grow a business. This immense amount of paperwork is not the reason why you become real estate agents in the first place. 

There is simply not enough time in the day to complete everything you need too, especially the intricate day-to-day to-dos that are required in this field. That is why so many people have invested in the help of Transaction Coordinators. A Transaction Coordinator can help you spend more time doing the things you actually love to do.

How Can a Transactly Coordinator Help?

Save Time and Do More

Transactly Coordinators are known for their outstanding performance and expert knowledge of the real estate industry. With a combined total of over 40,000 transactions, our Transaction Coordinators know exactly what you need and how to help you


With the help of one of our Transactly Coordinators you will be able to focus on what matters most to you. Our TCs handle up to 90% of all closing tasks, thus freeing you from the complex, monotonous and overwhelming tasks and piles of paperwork. 

What could you accomplish with more time on your hands? Take on new clients? Nurture your existing client base? Close more deals or scale up your business? Luckily for you, a Transactly Coordinator can save you 16 hours per transaction, allowing you to focus on what you and your business needs.

How Does a Transactly Coordinator Help?

Handle Admin Tasks

Saving time, helping with complicated tasks and paperwork, guiding you through difficult transactions, and helping you stay organized… sounds great right? You might be wondering, how our Transaction Coordinators make all of this happen. 


Hint: it’s not magic


Transactly Coordinators work very hard and essentially take care of most administrative duties that are involved with real estate transactions. These tasks include: 

  • Opening escrow
  • Verifying all title work is complete 
  • Scheduling and coordinating all inspections 
  • Ensuring all documents are submitted correctly and on time
  • Coordinating the closing process  
  • Keeping the buyer and seller informed on the progress of the transaction
  • Reviewing contracts and paperwork for accuracy and compliance
  • Introducing and coordinating with all parties
  • Communicating progress and keeping all parties on track

As you can see, a Transactly Coordinator does a lot to make your life easier. They take on a wide variety of tasks that allow you to focus on your priorities and help foster your success. 

Please check out our Transaction Coordinator Checklist to get a comprehensive understanding of what they can do for you.

We Don't Stop There

Vendor Connection Services

When you sign up with Transactly, you gain access to our Connections services. Transactly will effortlessly connect the buyer/seller to a variety of necessary move-in connections. This service is available to all platform users utilizing a Transactly Coordinator, regardless of membership level, at no additional cost.


This service includes: 

  • Introduction to the right services for the Buyer/Seller at the right time.
  • Connecting the Buyer/Seller with your preferred vendors.
  • Connecting the Buyer/Seller with Transactly’s trusted vendors.
  • Establishing move-in connections (utilities, internet, cable and insurance).

Your client’s success and delightful experience means more clients for you!

Get Back to what You do Best

In the end, a Transaction Coordinator is someone who helps you organize, manage and execute the hectic and busy life of a real estate agent. You are still in charge, just with some added support. When you hire a Transactly Coordinator, you can rest assured that someone with vast industry knowledge and proper training is in your corner, willing to help you succeed. 


By hiring a Transactly Transaction Coordinator you can get back to doing what you enjoy most about real estate.

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