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How to Recruit Real Estate Agents:Attracting the Best Team

When planning how to recruit real estate agents to your brokerage, you need to consider what you are able to offer to agents, and capitalize on it.

Real estate is an extremely competitive industry. It is crucial to have a top-notch team of agents supporting your brokerage, and keeping you in business. What is the best way to go about recruiting the talent you need? When planning your approach to recruit real estate agents to your brokerage, consider what you are able to offer agents, and capitalize on it. Once you establish a clear message and brand, you will be able to attract the agents you need to make an outstanding team. 

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Know What Agents are Looking For 

Understanding what exactly is appealing to agents in a brokerage can help you fine tune your recruitment plan. Allowing you to focus on what aspects of a brokerage agents are most interested in. 

The following are all qualities that a majority of agents agree are necessary to evaluate before considering joining a brokerage.

Access to technology and resources. 

The industry is changing. Technology is becoming more and more relevant in a real estate agent’s job, and that trend will only continue. Agents want to be supported throughout this change, and will value a brokerage that can do that for them. 

Another eye catching quality is the different benefits and resources you provide. Flexible compensation packages, guaranteed healthcare, and other creative benefits are enticing. For instance, agents would also value free transaction coordination services. Transactly makes it easy for brokerages to offer this sought after incentive by allowing different payment options. Your agents can pay at closing, or you can purchase a bulk amount of credits at a discount for your agents to exchange for TC services on their transactions. Find out more about this service, and add a benefit to working at your brokerage all your agents will love. 

A strong online presence capable of supporting them.

In addition to access to new technology platforms, agents also value a brokerage’s own presence online. They will be searching for updated social media accounts, a professional website, and maybe even a brokerage blog. At the end of the day agents want to know that they can rely on you to promote them and their business. Having a strong presence on all the platforms you use online allows you to offer the support agents are looking for.

Opportunities for growth in their career.

Agents, especially newer ones, want to know they will be presented with many opportunities for career development and advancement. If you offer a mentoring program, support when going to industry conferences or seminars, or reimbursement for coaching sessions, it is an excellent strategy to include those perks in your agent recruitment plan. These opportunities go beyond monetary payment for an agents services, and are bound to catch their interest. 

Establish a Clear Company Culture

A clear and respected company culture is what holds your brokerage together. It’s simple, in order for your team to reach maximum productivity together, they must all be working towards the same goals. As well as share the same workplace values and commitment towards those goals. 

Ultimately you want to be open about the culture present at your brokerage in order to attract more of the agents you know will fit well with your team. Allowing your brokerage to grow in size, while still maintaining a cohesive and productive team. 

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Recruit at Every Experience Level

When formulating your approach on how to recruit real estate agents, you need to make sure it is fitting for all experience levels. Younger agents help to ensure your brokerage’s future. Whereas more experienced ones help to quickly build your brand and name recognition. You need both if you want to run a thriving brokerage. So don’t focus your recruitment efforts on just one experience level. Your business will benefit significantly more from a more inclusive approach to agent recruitment.  

Executing a Cohesive Plan to Recruit Real Estate Agents  

Your brokerage should be a strong united front when it comes to agent recruitment. Every piece of recruitment material you release should present a well thought out message and value proposition to potential new agents. As well as the content of the materials being thought out well, the appearance needs to be considered too. Every element of your recruitment materials will be noticed, and leave an impression on the agents who see them. So, make sure your recruitment materials accurately represent your brokerage. Both in content, and in the professional appearance of the materials.

If you stay true to promoting your brokerage’s culture and the value you can offer to agents, you eventually will be able to build your dream real estate team. Once you have the dream team, help them focus on selling more homes and closing more deals by providing easy access to a transaction coordinator service like Transactly

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