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The Importance of E-Signature Technology in the Real Estate Industry

The rise of the internet and the exponential growth of technology has changed the world in many ways. One of which is the ability to connect to any person, anytime and anywhere on earth. This new found ability has improved...

The rise of the internet and the exponential growth of technology has changed the world in many ways. One of which is the ability to connect to any person, anytime and anywhere on earth. This new found ability has improved the day-to-day functions of many industries.

How E-Signatures can Benefit Real Estate Agents


Before the days of e-signature technology, home buyers, sellers and their respective agents would need to review several physical documents and plan meetings to discuss and sign contracts in person. This process was much less than efficient and would end up costing more money in the long run (up to $20,000/yr).




Electronic signatures allow for increased efficiency and productivity by being easy to use and convenient. Agents utilizing an e-signature technology can create all necessary documents and contracts, and invite the buyer and seller parties to electronically view and sign what is needed.


Most e-signature platforms have the ability to require certain information be filled and signed before submission. This guarantees the documents are accurate and complete; and eliminates the reviews, revisions and back-and-forths between parties. 


Having the ability for all documents and contracts to be filed and stored electronically greatly reduces the time spent organizing and handling the paperwork; allowing for more time to be spent on other important tasks.

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Anyone, Anywhere at Anytime 


The ability to e-sign a document from any location, and on any mobile device is one of the greatest advantages of e-signature technology. With this technology, there is no more need for clients to meet at an office or for an agent to spend valuable time scheduling the meetings, or driving to meet them. Each party is able to save more time and focus on other work.


Real estate is a timely matter. Delays in receiving a signed offer from a client could cost them the deal. E-sign technology eases that worry by allowing the designated party to sign documents instantly and sending it to the next party for signature, or back to the original owner. This negates bottlenecks that can happen with physical mail, faxing and printing.

Safe & Secure


These real estate transactions are often full of personal information that needs to be adequately protected. E-signature technology platforms are vigilant in data protection; so the agent, and their clients can feel at ease knowing their sensitive information is well protected by a secure 3rd party.


Having access to an electronic record of each document signed can ensure each party is aware of the terms and conditions, as well as providing a reference in case anything has been altered.

Ushering In Success


There are many reasons to consider utilizing an e-signature technology platform to help facilitate your business and it’s growth. Not only does it make life just a little easier, it can also end up saving time and money. The question now becomes, what e-signature platform should one choose to use?

3 Popular E-Signature Technology Platforms


A good e-signature technology platform should make life easier for the user and their clients. In this list we aim to provide insight into 3 popular platforms.


The Docusign platform provides its users with the Docusign Agreement Cloud, which automates the entire agreement process and connects the user to other systems already in use. This is not all the platform has to offer. Docusign is home to several products, such as:

Docusign E-Signature Technology
  • Docusign CLM
    • Automate contract lifecycle
    • Reduce errors
    • Collaborate
    • Negotiate  
  • Docusign Insight
    • AI based analytics tools for legal and business purposes
    • Examine keywords and clauses

Docusign also provides users an array of helpful features:

  • Electronic Signature
  • Contract Lifecycle Management
  • Document Generation & Negotiation
  • Contract Analysis

Docusign has several pricing plans available specifically for real estate:

  • Real Estate Starter ($10/month)
  • Docusign for Real Estate ($25/month)
  • Real Estate ($25/month)
  • Enhanced Real Estate Brokerage Plan ( Call 1-888-660-9670)

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The Hellosign platform allows users to create, send and receive documents & contracts. Users of this platform can request legally binding signatures for any documented need.

Hellosign E-signature Technology

Hellosign offers several intuitive features:

  • Signature requests
  • Templates
  • Audit trail
  • Signer fields
  • Branding
  • Bulk sending
  • Reporting
  • Team features

Hellosign also comes with a variety of helpful perks to compliment their many features:

  • Security
  • Certified compliance
  • Customization
  • Workflows
  • Admin tools

All of these perks and features are available at different pricing levels. Hellosign allows users to choose the right plan for their needs. The available plans are: 

  • Free
  • Essentials ($15/month)
  • Standard ($25/month)
  • Premium (Contact for more information)

Adobe Sign

The Adobe Sign platform provides a secure and easy e-signature tool that combines with Adobe Acrobat.

Adobe Sign E-Signature Technology

This platform is used and trusted by many Fortune 500 and provides a suite of useful features:

  • Collect signatures from various sources
  • Records & audit trails
  • Track & manage signatures
  • Send in bulk
  • Custom branding

This platform also provides several features outside of the core offers:

  • Security & compliance
  • Integration with 3rd party applications
  • PDF tools via Adobe Acrobat
  • Team collaboration

Adobe Sign is available for purchase in a few different packages. Adobe Sign is offered for both the individual and teams:


  • Basic ($9.99/month)
  • Essential ($14.99/month)
  • Advanced ($27.99/month)


  • Essential ($16.99/month)
  • Advanced ($29.99/month)

Professional (Call 800-424-0841 for pricing)

Making Life as an Agent Even Easier

Technology can help facilitate a real estate agent’s growth and expand their business. E-signature platforms can help save time and money while making life a little easier. There are many e-signature technology platforms out there to choose from and they all come with their own unique features. It is important to find the right one to suit your business or individual needs.

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