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Selling a House

Want to Make Real Estate Better?

Want to make real estate transactions better? It doesn't mean getting rid of agents, or any other crazy ideas. It simply means you need to ...

How often do most of us buy or sell a home?

Once every thirty years? Once every fifteen years? Once every five years?

For the average consumer, buying or selling a home is something we engage in just a few times during our lifetime. And each time, regardless of whether we are the buyer or seller, the process is just as painful as the last time. While technology has made some aspects of buying and selling homes easier—imagine what selling a home was like before email—one of the most important financial transactions the average person will ever make is still far from streamlined, convenient, transparent, or collaborative.

At best, technology has made it so buyers and sellers have to use a different app for finding a home, another app to manage showings, yet another app to conduct an e-signing—and that list doesn’t include the need to market our home on personal social media platforms like Facebook. It’s a lot of technology to learn and unlearn, and it creates an inefficient transaction for all involved, including (and especially) agents, who are involved in the buying and selling of homes seven days a week.

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Having overly complicated, inefficient transactions requiring five different apps is more than just a minor inconvenience. Inefficiency is stress. Inefficiency is money left on the table. Inefficiency is consumers deciding not to go through the monumental hassle of buying or selling a home if they are comfortable where they are.

In other words, everyone (buyers, sellers, and agents) would win if the entire transaction—from finding and listing a home to closing on that home—were conducted on a single platform.

It isn’t just buyers, sellers, and agents who benefit from more efficient, convenient real estate transactions. George Mason University economist Tyler Cowen has argued that making it easier for people to move around is good for society, and not just because it means more home sales and a stronger housing market. The ability to move to another community, city, or state for a better job or career opportunity creates a stronger economy for everyone.

We recognize that everyone with a stake in the real estate market (which is literally everyone, even if you’re not looking to sell your home or buy a new home anytime soon) benefits from more a more efficient, more convenient way to sell and buy houses. That’s why our team of real estate thought leaders, visionaries, and entrepreneurs has built the industry’s premier platform that allows sellers and buyers to conduct their entire transaction in one place.

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But conducting the entire real estate transaction on one platform is just the beginning.

At Transactly, we believe that a comprehensive application has to be built on a foundation of collaboration, trust, and transparency—in addition to convenience. The platform that becomes the application of choice for everyone involved in a real estate transaction will be the one that understand that the combination of convenience, collaboration, and trust has disrupted major industries.

Transactly is that platform.

Lyft, Uber, and Airbnb are all testaments to the demand consumers have for convenience and collaboration rooted in trust. Transactly is bringing that same mix to real estate transactions.

And the result will be buyers, sellers, and agents finally being able to conduct an entire home sale on just one application.

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