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Transaction Coordinators

What Buyers Want From Their Real Estate Agents

Knowing what buyers want from their real estate agent will prepare you to be the most effective and popular agent you can be.

In today’s real estate market, buyers expect a lot out of their agents. Every good agent will evaluate the question “What do buyers want from their real estate agents?” To get positive client reviews, and continue to be hired by more clients, it is crucial that you possess qualities that buyers are attracted to. Let’s begin by naming some of those qualities. 

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One thing that buyers often want most is for their agent to be trustworthy and honest with them. They want to know upfront what to expect in every step of the home buying process. If changes in regulations, the process, or the market occur they want to be informed on what that means for them promptly. 

Buyers want to feel like their best interests are being fought for. The only way for you to ensure they feel this way is by being truthful with them. Be realistic from the beginning about what they can expect from the home buying process such as, what their budget can buy them, or what they want to be aware of when viewing a house. Any honest insight will help your clients feel comfortable and confident will reflect positively on you in the end.

Vast Knowledge of Local Area 

In order for clients to trust your expertise, it is necessary for you to have an extensive knowledge of the local area they want to buy in. Being able to give reliable information on the neighborhoods, school districts, and local hot spots will be expected from clients. Often when clients are buying a new home they are also entering a new community. The entire process will go smoother if clients are as confident in the community as they are in the house. 


New homebuyers, and experienced ones, are looking for support and council on decisions. They do not want to be pressured into decisions, or have decisions made for them. Homebuyers want to be presented with all the information possible, receive council, and then make their own decisions. 

Once clients have made their decisions they expect you to fight for them. This comes into play when negotiating is necessary. Having good negotiation skills will definitely catch the eye of a client. Negotiating is something not every homebuyer will feel confident doing on their own. Therefore, being able to negotiate well is a show of support clients will be thankful for.

Many clients will also want you to provide transactional help and paperwork explanation. While this is tedious, it is something that will be worthwhile to your clients. When a client is comfortable asking you the tedious questions, it speaks to how comfortable they are with you. Being supportive and helpful is a quality that clients will rave about later to people they know, potentially leading your next client to you.


Having an easily accessible and responsive agent is a homebuyers dream. To accomplish this you need to have a level of tech-savviness. Most communication is done over text and emails. Therefore if you are always missing alerts for these forms of communication, or are slow to respond, clients will not feel like they are a priority to you. When clients have questions or concerns they want those to be addressed as soon as possible. Making this happen allows clients to relax and enjoy the home buying process.

Communication Skills 

Communication skills goes hand in hand with responsiveness. It does not matter how quickly you respond to clients if they are even more confused after reading your response. Providing a polite, clear, and detailed response is something that every buyer wants from their real estate agent. 

Whenever clients are confused on anything from paperwork to directions to an open house, it reflects on your communication skills. This can make clients feel like you are unorganized. Transactly can help with this. Transactly automates communication when an offer is made/declined/accepted, allows you to schedule showings, collaborate on documents, and much more. If you are looking to impress with your communication and organizational skills, think about trying Transactly’s platform for free. 

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A Partner in the Home Buying Process 

At the end of the day all a buyer wants from their real estate agent is a partner in the home buying process. Someone that can be honest with them, support and fight for their decisions, while having great communication skills is an agent that every buyer is looking for.

While this may seem like a lot to keep up with, there are ways to get assistance with the mundane tasks that take time and focus away from the more important aspects of being a real estate agent. Hiring a transaction coordinator or virtual assistant will do just that for you.

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