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Real Estate Tips

How to be the BEST Real Estate Agent

Learn to effectively delegate your workload so you can spend more time working towards becoming the best agent you can be.

Excelling as a real estate agent is a lot of work. Absolutely no one is denying that. You essentially become a one man (or woman) business even when you are associated with a brokerage. You are often responsible for your own prospecting, marketing, network building, and of course the entire process of helping your clients buy or sell a house. So, how do you accomplish all the tasks you are responsible for, and still find the time to find clients and be the absolute best agent for them?

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Have a Strong Online Presence 

Having a strong online presence is the gold standard for real estate agents in this day and age. The first thing any potential client will do when considering hiring you is find your social media accounts. (If of course that is not how they came across you in the first place.) Based on the impression they get from your profiles, they will make a decision to contact you or not. So, it is your job to make sure that first digital impression is one they will not soon forget. To accomplish that, follow these tips:

  • Diversify your content. Your content could include blog posts, shared articles, quotes you find motivating, houses you are representing, promotional material, client reviews, etc. 
  • Make at least a couple of posts every week to ensure your profile is updated.
  • Have your contact information easily accessible.
  • Every post should look professional and carefully thought out.
  • Use a few hashtags and emojis to catch people’s attention. 

Keeping up a strong online presence is a free way to continuously be focusing on self-promotion and client procurement. So, it is well worth your while to find the time necessary to get your profiles in tip top shape.

Put Your Relationships First 

To be the best agent you can be, you need to maintain and build relationships with your previous clients, and all the business professionals you connect with. Reach out with a meaningful card during the holidays or birthdays just to remind everyone that you are still working in the industry. Staying in touch opens the door to forming partnerships that can greatly benefit your business. Other industry professionals like bankers, or contractors can recommend you to their clients who they know are planning on moving. Your previous clients can also recommend your services, and are much more likely to if they feel they still have a connection to you.

Essentially your network is the lifeline of your business. Without a focus and commitment to it, you will never be able to keep your pipeline full. 

Take Care of Yourself 

At the end of the day you need to be making your mental and physical health a priority. Without getting enough sleep, breaks from work, or balanced meals, you will not be at your best. Take the necessary steps to make sure you are maintaining your health and the positive effects will quickly become evident in your work. Here are some strategies you can implement today:

  • Turn off your phone at a certain time every night.
  • Practice mindfulness.
  • Go on a short walk when you need a 10 minute break. 

You will feel more energized, focused, and resilient if you are taking care of yourself everyday. 

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Learn to Delegate 

You can not do everything on your own. Especially if you want take care of yourself, and dedicate time to actually growing your business instead of just maintaining it. It’s a hard fact to come to for many real estate agents, but all the best agents know it is true. So, don’t wait until you feel so burnt out and overworked you begin to hate your job to finally invest in some help. Be proactive and do it now, so you can start focusing on tasks that will help propel your businesses growth instead of just keeping it afloat. 

For example, hiring a transaction coordinator can give you back up to 16 hours of your time per transaction. Imagine all the progressive work you could accomplish with that time! Hiring help is not as expensive as you may think, and it is a cost you could potentially pass along to your clients. Transactly offers “locally” virtual Transaction Coordinator services across the US for a low fee, paid at closing. All you have to do is say yes and let us take some work off your plate. 

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