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We might not be as good at writing as we are at real estate tech, but we like to think we are.

Real Estate Tips

OpCity Realty: What You Need to Know

Opcity realty is a referral service that provides high quality leads. They charge a 30-35% of your commission for them though if you get to closing.

Selling a House

Converting FSBOs To Clients: 4 Tips

FSBOs may seem like lost causes, truthfully they are a great potential client base though. Converting FSBOs to clients could push you over your sales...


Tax Tips Every Real Estate Agent Should Know

The costs of business necessities can add up quickly. So, being aware of tax tips for real estate agents can save you a significant amount of money...

Selling a House

The Basics of Selling with HomeVestors

Before selling to HomeVestors, consider how much HomeVestors pays for houses, along with other factors of selling to the investor company.

Selling a House

Typical Home Closing Costs

In addition to the down payment, you must also be able to afford your closing costs. The price of typical home closing costs often surprises many...

Transaction Coordinators

Should I Join a Real Estate Team?

With the amount of real estate teams on a rise, you've probably contemplated, "should I join a real estate team?" There are some pretty good perks..

Selling a House

Who Pays the Buyer's Agent Commission?

You're thinking it's time to stop paying rent and buy a home, but do you know who pays the buyer's agent commission in a real estate transaction?...

Selling a House

What Is A Real Estate Agent?

Well, what is a real estate agent? Are you picturing Men In Black, Agent Smith, 007 types? There may be more similarities than just blazers.

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