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We might not be as good at writing as we are at real estate tech, but we like to think we are.

Real Estate Tips

How to Become a Real Estate Coach

To become a real estate coach, you need more than just a license. Being a successful agent, and having certification is a good start.

Transaction Coordinators

Guidance for Open Houses During COVID-19

It can be hard to know how to handle open houses during COVID-19. Follow these guidelines to ensure everyone stays safe.

Transaction Coordinators

How to Know When it is Time to Hire Help

Knowing when to hire help can be difficult. If you can answer “yes” to any of these questions, it's time to hire a real estate assistant.

Transaction Coordinators

5 Strategies to Grow Your Real Estate Business

Growing your real estate business in your hands. Consistency with these strategies will grow your buiness, and help you bring in more revenue next...

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