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Zoom Tips For Real Estate Agents

Due to COVID-19, agents have been thrown into a virtual world. Investigating Zoom tips for real estate agents is a step to begin adapting to this change.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every industry, and the real estate industry is no exception. Agents have been thrown into a virtual world seemingly overnight. Now, they must conduct their business and client meetings over video conferencing platforms. Zoom has emerged as one of the most popular platforms to do this on, and offers a variety of features that are beneficial to agents. To help you effectively adapt to this change, we have gathered some of the best Zoom tips for real estate agents, so you can always feel prepared and confident in your meetings. 

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Integrate Zoom With Your Calendar 

Excellent organization is critical for real estate agents. You are constantly busy, and have a variety of tasks you are responsible for. So, in order to be successful you must have all your meetings, showings, and business operation duties scheduled out flawlessly. Taking advantage of the calendar integration feature Zoom offers can help you accomplish that. This feature allows you to merge your Google or Outlook Calendar with any Zoom appointments you may have. With this integration you can see, and schedule all your duties and responsibilities clearly. Thus ensuring you stay on top of all your obligations.

Send a Meeting Agenda in Advance 

Whether you are having a meeting with another industry professional, are giving a listing presentation, or hosting a sales meeting, sending a meeting agenda is always a good idea. This is a show of professionalism, and drives home the point that you are not lessening expectations for yourself or others during these unprecedented times. 

If people are joining the meeting from their home they may have pets, children, or other responsibilities pulling their attention. Thus making meeting agendas extremely useful tools, especially now. They help you and others stay on track in a scenario that has more distractions than in-person meetings. So, try to send out the agenda at least an hour before the meeting. Thus giving the other participants in the meeting plenty of time to prepare for the meeting, review the agenda, make notes, and gather any questions they may have. 

Having an agenda will help the meeting go as smoothly as possible for everyone involved.

Show Up Professionally 

This may be a tip that seems obvious, but it can easily slip your mind if you are working from home. It becomes convenient to roll out of bed, throw a t-shirt on, and maybe load your dishwasher before hopping on a meeting or starting your business for the day. This is not how you want to approach your work day though. You want to do your best to maintain a sense of professionalism and normalcy throughout your work day, especially if you have any Zoom meetings scheduled for the day.

During a Zoom meeting you want to be dressed professionally, or at least in company attire. You can also utilize virtual backgrounds to appear more professional. There are a ton of free backgrounds accessible to you by simply searching “Zoom background” on Google. So, if you have a messy office and just don’t feel like decluttering at the moment, this is a great option for you.

You will also want to ensure that for the duration of your meeting you have the least amount of distractions surrounding you as possible. So, any noises or visuals that could cause a disruption should be avoided at all costs.

Take Advantage of In-Meeting Tools 

There are many in-meeting tools Zoom offers to enhance the experience of the meeting for you and the other participants. Some of the most useful tools for agents would be the option to mute/unmute all participants in the meeting, the in-meeting chat box, and the screen-sharing ability. Screen sharing is probably the tool you will want to familiarize yourself the most with. It can be extremely helpful when giving any sort of presentation, demonstration, or explanation. Which will be a common occurrence in many of your meetings. 

Do a practice meeting with a friend or colleague to familiarize yourself with these tools before using them in a legitimate business meeting. This will allow you to smoothly use these tools in your meetings, as well as effectively coach others on how to use them.

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Embrace Zoom Meetings 

Embracing these Zoom tips for real estate agents will help you continue to be successful in our changing world. Even when the current pandemic ends, it is very likely that certain adaptations that were made during it will stick. Virtual meetings are often more time effective, and that advantage is something many agents, and clients will love. So getting used to this new tool could be very beneficial to you, and your business.

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